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S1660/A3945 - Recruiting and Retaining Male Teachers of Color


Senate Bill S1160 and its identical bill in the Assembly, A3945, propose to establish a three-year "Male Teachers of Color Mentorship Pilot Program" and appropriate funding for the establishment of this pilot in the amount of $50,000. The pilot program will pair 10 male college students of color with 10 male current teachers of color; the college students must be in their final year of a teacher preparation program. Upon a favorable review of the college students’ performance, participating school districts are required to make a good faith effort to hire the students. The mentoring services will continue into the graduates’ first two years of teaching and each mentor will receive a $5,000 stipend for each year of participation in the program.


We support S1660/A3945. Research has shown the benefits of having a Black teacher, and not just for Black students but all students. This pilot program, as one solution in recently renewed efforts to retain teachers of color, could prove helpful in ending teacher shortages around the state by providing the support male teachers of color, and Black male teachers specifically, need to stay in the classroom.

Call to Action:

Urge the following legislators to place S1660 and A3945 on their corresponding education committee agendas so that they each can be reported out for a vote:

● Senate President, Nicholas P. Scutari, (732) 827-7480

● Assembly Speaker, Craig J. Coughlin, (732) 855-7441

● Senator Vin Gopal, Senate Education Committee Chair, (732) 695-3371

● Assemblywoman Pamela R. Lampitt, Assembly Education Committee Chair, (856) 435-1247

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