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Richard T. Smith


Welcome to the NAACP New Jersey State Conference webpage. Our goal is to provide you with timely information regarding the status of Civil Rights in New Jersey and the Nation. The NAACP New Jersey State Conference is committed to equality and justice for all.

We are the nation’s oldest & largest, baddest & boldest, most effective Civil Rights organization in the country and we will fight for freedom until all people have realized the equal hand of justice.


We are committed to renewing a focus on voter education and maintaining voting rights, making sure that all children have access to a free, high quality public education, leveling the field for affordable health care and access, building systems of wealth and strengthening economic sustainability for all and ensuring public safety and criminal justice.

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If you have always wanted to be a part of making a difference in your community, but just did not know how, or who to reach out to, this is an opportunity for you to step out and be a part of a group that welcomes your support.

We trust this site will be informative and of value to all New Jersey Citizens.

“The Struggle Continues”

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