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If you are having issues accessing any information please contact Danielle Combs at


Content Submission Form

Submit requests for website updates, events, branch and announcements, etc. here.

Veteran Membership Drive Toolkit

Bringing people power to the mission.

Civil & Human Rights Complaint Form

Please complete this form to the best of your ability. Incomplete applications will not be investigated.

Committee Interest Form

Sign up to join one of our state committees. 


Vendor & Exhibitor Form

Submit your business or organization information to have a table at our event. 


NAACP Unit Revitalization Toolkit 2023

Last Updated 10/14/2023

Branch Updates

Update your branch information here.

2023-24 Officer Update Form

Last Updated 1/11/2023

2023 Quarter 1 Form

Please complete this form by 3/31/2023

Membership Transfer

Transfer your membership from your current branch to your new branch.


Join the NAACP New Jersey State Conference.


Committee Reports & Action Items

Submit this form below 5 DAYS BEFORE scheduled Executive Committee meetings.



The Constitution of the NAACP details the mission, vision, and people that drive our work.


Bylaws include:

  • Name and jurisdiction of units

  • Objectives and organization structure for units

  • Leadership elections and removals

  • Membership

NAACP Strategy Refresh: C-HOPE

Innovation and growth require nimble strategies. After more than a decade, we are sunsetting the "game changers" to embrace a bold new vision for our next chapter.

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